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WEPC Membership Application Form


To apply for WEPC membership, please complete the membership application form and submit payment of your membership dues as indicated below. Click here to access a membership application form that can be completed on your computer. Once you have completed the form, save it to your computer and email it as an attachment to info@wepc.net. By submitting your application, you agree not to use the membership roster as a source for solicitation and not to distribute the information regarding members in the directory.


The WEPC Board of Directors will review your application at the next WEPC Board meeting and will notify you promptly of its decision. If your application is not approved, your membership dues will be returned to you promptly.


You have two options for paying your $175 membership dues. Please indicate your method of payment on the membership application:


If you experience trouble completing the application form, please contact a member of our Membership Committee.