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Past Meeting Topics


Past speakers over the last 12 months have included:


Sybil Praski of The Williams Group, and Erica Johnson, Esq., a Partner at Ambler Keenan Mitchell Johnson, gave a presentation on preparing heirs. They will be discussing what is considered a successful transfer, why most fail, and what you as a professional can do about it. "The greatest wealth transfer in our lifetime is underway, are you, your clients, and more importantly their heirs prepared?"


In April Kristin Pineiro, Esq. gave a presentation on business succession planning.


In March, Marco Chayet, Esq., Peter Wall, and Megan Brand gave a presentation titled "Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll: Atypical Beneficiary Requests"


In January, Fran Coet of Coet & Coet presented her annual tax update.


In October the Colorado-Wyoming Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society was the presenter. Speakers included NMSS President Carrie Nolan, Management Director LeeAnn Bellum, Corporate Counsel Katie Thomas, and Deborah O'Neil of Assured Equity Management Corp. The Program Title is"Support, Trends in Giving and Tax Benefits of Gifts by and to Organizations That Support Those Diagnosed with a Chronic Disease." This presentation reviewed what support and resources are available from a charitable organization that is helping individuals that have been diagnosed with a chronic disease. The presentation includes a review of the trends in charitable giving as well as the tax benefit for those that provide the resources necessary for the organization to deliver services.


In September, Ellen Trachman, Esq. spoke about Assisted Reproductive Technology in Estate Planning and current law affecting ART and how it can affect your client's planning.


The August presentation was given by Kristin Dittus of The Law Office of Kristin Dittus. She gave a presentation titled "Considerations for Estate Planning with a Blended Family."


Julie Fletcher, CFP® with Sharkey, Howes, & Javer, presented "Why America is Falling Behind: The Reality of Household Finances." Julie dove into the economic and behavioral reasons American balance sheets are struggling to keep pace in 2016.


Special presentation by Martin 'Marty' Shenkman. He will be giving a presentation on the role of financial planning in the estate planning process.


Laurie Hunter, Esq. will be gave a presentation titled "Settling Probate Matter with Minors."


Betty Lehman will be co-presenting with Melissa Edelman, CLU, ChSNC, and Steve Owens, Esq. They will be giving a presentation titled "Planning for Families with Children with Special Needs."  


Mandatory Reporting of Abuse of "At-Risk-Elders" presented by Katrina S. Jones Esq., Katrina S. Jones PC, WEPC Member, and Public Administrator, Adams County. Since the mandatory reporting law, C.R.S. 18-6.5-108, became effective on July 1, 2014, it is important for all attorneys to be aware of the reporting requirements so that they may counsel clients on their reporting duties, and so they are more aware and observant of potentially harmful situations that at-risk-elder may find themselves in.