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Past Meeting Topics


Past speakers over the last 12 months have included:


Annual Tax Update presented by Cathie Asmus of Atlas (formerly Coet 2 CPA's P.C.)


Gun Trusts presented by Douglas A. Turner, Esq. of Douglas A. Turner, P.C.: Firearms are often an important part of a client's legacy and estate. Given that firearms are highly regulated at the federal and state levels, estate planners and fiduciaries need to take special precautions when dealing with an estate that includes firearms. Mr. Turner discussed the framework of law governing gun ownership; how to identify when a gun trust may be appropriate; and drafting considerations for gun trusts, including key provisions and traps to avoid.


Appraisals of Fine and Decorative Art for Trusts and Estates presented by Jennifer M. Wood, ASA: As dramatic shifts in the art market have occurred in recent years, accurate valuation of art collections is essential for estate planning, estate tax, and equitable distribution to heirs. This presentation focused on art as an asset class, estate planning techniques for art collections, what happens to an art collection upon death, and the risk of unmanaged art collections and unqualified valuations. We will also examine Tax Court cases involving appraisals of art for estates.


Charitable Planning: Top Charitable Trends and Practical Gifting Strategies: A Case Study Approachpresented by Carl A. Wayne, JD, Senior Advisor, Charitable Estate Planning at the American Heart Association: As clients and donors seek tax-effective ways to manage and distribute their wealth, it is increasingly important to offer charitable and estate planning solutions that match their unique needs and interests. Mr. Wayne discussed the latest trends in philanthropy, highlighting some strategies advisors should know about philanthropy to serve clients effectively, and shared strategies that can be employed to solve clients' challenges and maximize their tax savings and charitable impact.


Planning for Incapacity: An Often Overlooked Aspect of Estate Planning presented by Anne E. Zellner, Esq. and Dylan H. Metzner, Esq., of Ryley Carlock & Applewhite: Ms. Zellner and Mr. Metzner began their presentation by defining incapacity. The discussed in detail how to manage an incapacitated person's financial and medical affairs, the role of an agent including their duties, and the types of vehicles used like conservatorships, guardianships, trusts, medical power of attorney and living wills. Members also learned how to consider family dynamics and planning strategies to ensure the client is protected in the event of incapacity while minimizing family conflict. The presentation concluded with discussion of some hypothetical situations.


Dissolution of Marriage: Division of Marital Property and Maintenance Considerations presented by Jennifer S. McDonald, The Law Firm of Jennifer S. McDonald, LLC: Ms. McDonald began her presentation by giving a general overview of the Colorado Dissolution of Marriage Act, Article 10 of Title 14. Guests learned about the division of property including equitable division versus community property and separate property versus marital property. She discussed the physical division of property after divorce including determining the value of marital residence, QDRO's for the transfer of IRA's and PERA. Lastly, Ms. McDonald discussed the statutory guidelines for maintenance and child support and steps to determine the amount.


Estate Planning for Clients with Cannabis Assets presented by Rachael Z. Ardanuy, Esq.: Ms. Ardanuy began her presentation by explaining the different varietals of cannabis and the Colorado Marijuana Laws including Amendment 20 - Medical Marijuana and Amendment 64 - Recreational (Retail) Marijuana. Guests learned about the various kinds of business and personal cannabis assets and the procedure for a bequest of these assets. Lastly, Ms. Ardanuy discussed other impacts on the estate plan including a living will/appointment of health care surrogate, Medicaid and Medicare and communicating marijuana related matters with the appropriate people.